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EcoBay CC, by Bayer Material Science


Foametix Coatings of Western Canada's EcoBay CC is a two-component, closed cell medium density, one to one by volume spray applied polyurethane spray foam. To produce EcoBay CC requires the use of an "A" component (ISO) and a blended "B" component (RESIN) which contains ZERO Ozone Depleting blowing agents, catalysts, polyols and fire retarding materials. EcoBay CC is formulated and manufactured by the chemical giant Bayer Material Science. Bayer Material Science is the inventor of polyurethane spray foam and is the worlds largest supplier of Isocyanates, supplying to 85% of spray foam chemical manufacturers worldwide.


EcoBay CC is a 2.0 LB density closed cell insulating material. EcoBay CC is designed for use where insulation systems require superior air barrier characteristics along with the ability to minimize moisture infiltration. EcoBay CC has a 7.0 per inch R-value rating while providing structural enhancement due to its rigid nature when cured. When properly installed by a trained contractor EcoBay CC quickly expands to fill the cracks, crevices, gaps and voids that exist in every structure. In addition EcoBay CC will conform to the curves, irregular surfaces and spaces to form a superior thermal envelope around your entire structure.


ECOBAY CC is an insulation system designed for use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Use in lieu of more traditional forms of insulating materials such as fiberglass, cellulose or other loose fill products. Typical area's where polyurethane spray foam is applied are; exterior walls, vented and un-vented attic assemblies, between floors, etc. Additional uses of this closed cell product are foundations, crawlspaces, HVAC ducts, fluid tanks, cold storage units, etc.

OTHER INFORMATION: When applied by Foametix trained personnel and state of the art microprocessor controlled equipment, EcoBay CC offers low fumes on application and no fumes after minimal air changes allowing occupants to return to the area quickly and safely. EcoBay CC is an environmentally renewable and responsible product, using sugar, soy, castor and corn oils in its manufacture. Available in both summer and winter grade versions, this product is colored teal to both identify it and further promote its environmental benefits. CCMC type II status rated.

Natureseal 2.0


Foametix Natureseal 2.0 closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is the ultimate insulation solution. It barricades the indoors from the outside climate, creating thermal, air and moisture isolation. Because it will not shrink or settle, its incredible thermal and acoustical performance lasts the life of a structure.


Natureseal 2.0 is a premium, high-yield, cream colored polyurethane spray foam insulation. The product is generated on site by combining an isocyanate and a polymeric resin through our dual-component microprocessor controlled proportioner. Fast, easy and adaptable, it can be applied at temperatures as low as -4°C. Natureseal 2.0 is well suited for residential, commercial and industrial applications. As one of the most advanced insulation solutions, it offers climate isolation between indoor and outside environments.


This system is a sprayable, rigid, closed-cell cellular plastic polyurethane spray foam insulation designed to insulate buildings. The sprayed product, properly installed, results in a seamless, monolithic and durable insulation fully adhered to the substrate; it is cream in color.


Made in the USA of renewable and recycled components. An alternative environmentally responsible high performance polyurethane spray foam insulation, at a reasonable cost!